We are bulk earthworks specialists

To be successful in this industry, you need a constant drive to achieve high performance.  The environments we work in are constantly changing and you need an earthmover who is adaptable, well-resourced and results focused.  We have a strong track record and depth of knowledge that allows us to solve issues and achieve results cost effectively.

Civil Construction

We have a range of plant machinery including excavators, bulldozers, motorscrapers, loaders, graders, dump trucks and trucks that allows us to resource varied job types and work sites.  However, it is our experienced staff that allows us to provide solutions, efficiency and value.  We have the management capabilities, including a civil engineer and veteran project management team to come up with the right methodologies to reliably carry out a range of projects.  Importantly, we also have high quality operators who are focused on getting the job done.

Recent work includes:

Forestry Roading

We have 40 years of forestry roading experience.  This includes new construction and upgrade of roads and landings, repair and maintenance, harvesting related work and quarrying.  Even though we have extensive knowledge in this field, we are continually driving innovation and creating efficiencies in our quest to get better.

One of our interesting experiences has been undertaking new road construction for first generation blocks, maintaining those roads as required and now upgrading as the next generation of trees becomes available for harvest.